You've reached the Homepage of John Cheetham. Here you will find some of my Open Source programming projects.

JCchess - An open source Chess GUI

othellotk screenshot
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OthelloTk - An open source Othello game

othellotk screenshot
OthelloTk is written in Python3 / Tkinter.

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gShogi - An open source Shogi game

gshogi screenshot
gShogi is written in Python 3 and C for GTK 3 Desktops.

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Samuel - An open source Draughts game for Linux

samuel screenshot
Samuel is written in Python / PyGTK / C++.

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Breakout - An open source breakout game

breakout screenshot
Breakout is written in Python / PyGame.

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Hangman - An open source hangman game

Hangman screenshot
Hangman is written in Python / PyGTK.

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GetBeeb - An open source program to generate links to BBC audio files

GetBeeb can be useful if your system can't use iPlayer or if it struggles with the BBC website (for example PDAs).

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JCPlayer - An open source java audio file player

JCPlayer screenshot
JCPlayer is written using the java swing classes and will play flac, mp3, ogg and wav files.

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