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The git master version has been updated (August 2013). It has some improvements over version 0.1.8:

  • You can resize the board by resizing the main window rather than using the ctrl+- keys like you do on 0.1.8
  • you can move the pieces using drag and drop
  • The code has been ported to GTK3 (PyGI)

It is a development version and there may be bugs!

Download Git Master: .tar.gz    .zip

Download last release: samuel-0.1.8.tar.gz    October 2009

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New in version 0.1.8:

  • online help file - view it here
  • Play Human vs Human, Human vs Computer, Computer vs Computer.
  • flip the board feature
  • New status bar

Samuel is an open source draughts game written in Python / PyGTK / C++.


  • Load / Save Games in standard PDN format
  • Copy / Paste games from clipboard in standard PDN or FEN formats
  • Edit board position so you can set up your own scenarios
  • Various levels of play from beginner to expert
  • Review the game
  • Adjustable board size
  • Play Human vs Human, Human vs Computer, Computer vs Computer.
  • Ability to 'flip the board'

I was looking into doing a draughts game for Linux. There are some strong programs for windows but not so many for Linux. Some of the stronger windows programs distribute their engine code as a dll which is good for other windows programs but not so good for an open source Linux application.

Then I discovered guicheckers which is a draughts program for windows that comes with source code and a good engine. I decided to convert guicheckers to work under Linux and Samuel is the result. Samuel is guicheckers for Linux.

The C++ engine code, board graphics and databases (opening book and endgame) all come from guicheckers. I wrote a new python / GTK front end gui with an interface that is very similar to guicheckers.

Thanks and credit to the guicheckers people (programming by Jon Kreuzer, graphics by Josh Hess) for making their work available.

You can find guicheckers at the 3D Kingdoms website.

Samuel is named after Arthur Samuel an early pioneer of computer draughts.

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